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Speed healing in comfort & tranquility with HBOT at Nirvana.


We use the most technically advanced, hospital grade, hyperbaric chambers in the world to deliver maximum benefits. Not all chambers are created equal. We provide our clients with comprehensive info that helps them better understand the benefits of HBOT.

HBOT - Treatable Conditions

For a full list of the FDA approved conditions that are treatable with HBOT, as well as investigational conditions where mounting case studies are showing significant benefits, please click on the arrow below.


Nirvana can provide your Doctor (and you) with comprehensive info & specific case studies demonstrating the tremendous healing benefits achievable with HBOT. Our Medical Specialist works with physicians and insurance carriers to make sure clients get the correct treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy speeds healing, often with dramatic results. Search our Library for specific info on the benefits of HBOT.

Questions? We'll get you and your Doctor detailed information on treating your condition with HBOT anytime. We're here to educate.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy uses medical grade oxygen, regulated by the FDA and administered by prescription only. We can also work with your insurance carrier to cover the cost of your program.

Client Experiences...

“The staff is supportive, knowledgeable and friendly. My experience here was fantastic. And successful!”

“My psa went from being in the high 5's to 1.9 using HBOT after radiation. Oxygen helped speed my healing.”

Positive Energy. State-of-the-art Therapy.


Helpful Info for Physicians & Medical Clients

Working with your Doctor

Many of our clients with conditions that are treatable with HBOT are referred to us by their personal physician. If you'd like us to consult with your physician to discuss your HBOT treatment options, as well as provide them (and you) with comprehensive medical information and specific case studies, please contact us.

Insurance Coverage

Nirvana will work with your insurance carrier to cover the cost of your hyperbaric treatments. Please contact us and our medical specialist will help facilitate that process so we can get your treatment started as soon as possible.

The Right Place to Heal

Expertise, friendliness, positive energy, personal attention and a peaceful environment are all things you can expect at Nirvana. No one conveys those ideals better than our clients. See how they describe their Nirvana experiences…

Length of Treatment

Many conditions require weeks of continuous HBOT treatments. Our staff understands the logistics involved with that and can help set you up with extended low cost lodging and the support you need to heal without worry or stress. We are a full service facility and we're committed to supporting our clients any way we can.

Important facts:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy uses medical grade oxygen, regulated by the FDA and administered by prescription only.
  • During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment, you inhale 100% oxygen under pressure to help speed the body’s natural ability to heal.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is easy! Inside the chamber, you can stretch out, sleep, meditate, watch TV or a movie, listen to music or simply relax.
  • HBOT's primary mechanism is hyper-oxygenation, which floods the plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and lymph fluid with oxygen, getting oxygen into parts of your body that are oxygen deficient.
  • When a patient breathes 100% pure oxygen at pressures greater than normal, arterial oxygen pressure increases up to 20 times.
  • HBOT enhances the formation of new blood capillaries (by making more collagen)—by carrying more oxygen to areas that may not be getting enough oxygen.
  • HBOT also reduces swelling of inflamed tissue and will fight wound infections.
  • Higher oxygen levels enhance white blood cells to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Hyperbaric chambers have been in use for centuries, as early as 1662. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has only started being used clinically though since the mid 1800′s.
  • Nirvana's program is unique. We also use state--of-the-art hard sided chambers that have far greater benefits than the soft sided chambers at many facilities.

For full details and info on the world's most unique hyperbaric and wellness spa: contact us ›

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