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Multiple Sclerosis

In Multiple Sclerosis, an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against myelin—the fatty substance that surrounds and insulates the nerve fibers—as well as the nerve fibers themselves located in the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.

Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are variable and unpredictable but can include fatigue, vision problems, spasticity, walking difficulties, numbness or tingling, weakness, pain, bladder problems, and cognitive changes.

The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to treat Multiple Sclerosis patients aims to relieve symptoms and to help prevent attacks and disabilities.

Our experienced clinical team is available to help you identify appropriate candidates for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and to answer any additional questions about HBOT or our facilities. You deserve the best – our mission is to achieve patient success through personalized, innovative, and compassionate care that enhances your healing potential. We do so at the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost for your patients, with only one copay and/or less coinsurance than at a hospital-based HBOT program.

How you will benefit from HBOT

  • Reduces inflammation

  • May reduce pain

  • Modulates the immune system

  • Increases energy

  • May reduce spasticity

  • May reduce cognitive impairment


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