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Crush Injury % Compartment Syndrome

These injuries are the result of some type of trauma, usually to the extremities. This trauma causes damage to bones, nerves, blood vessels and muscles, resulting in swelling and restricted blood flow to the tissue. HBOT quickly reduces swelling and provides oxygen to the oxygen deprived tissue thereby keeping the tissue alive, fight infection and often preventing amputation.

An acute traumatic ischemia is a condition of inadequate supply of blood to organs and body tissues as a result of a severe physical injury. Crush injuries and compartment syndrome are traumatic ischemias associated with complex wounds resulting from such traumatic injuries. Crush injuries affect a portion of the body, such as the leg, while crush syndrome indicates that the injury is accompanied by a systemic problem, such as shock or kidney failure.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can aid in recovery and promote healing.

Our experienced clinical team is available to help you identify appropriate candidates for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and to answer any additional questions about HBOT or our facilities. You deserve the best – our mission is to achieve patient success through personalized, innovative, and compassionate care that enhances your healing potential. We do so at the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost for your patients, with only one copay and/or less coinsurance than at a hospital-based HBOT program.

How you will benefit from HBOT

  • Reduces swelling

  • Helps fight infection

  • Promotes healing

  • Increases the supply of oxygen to damaged, ischemic tissues

  • Reduces excess fluid in injured area


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