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Thaddeus Jeckell

EWOT and Fitness Therapist

Thaddeus Jeckell is our elite, EWOT and Fitness Therapist.  He has been helping people find their optimum health and performance for over 12 years.  His highly intuitive nature allows him to connect with each client as an individual, discovering every person's specific needs and goals. Seeking to be the best in his field, Thaddeus' designations include: Certified Fitness Therapist, Certified Performance Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), CPR Certified Firefighter 1.  

As EWOT Specialist, Fitness Therapist and Personal Trainer at Nirvana, Thaddeus works with our clients to set up unique programs designed to maximize oxygenation and fitness... as well as maximize your fun.  

Visit Nirvana's EWOT PAGE for more detailed information about that part of our program.

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