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Hyperbaric oxygenation in the complex treatment of Parkinson disease

Neretin VIa, Lobov MA, Kotov SV, Cheskidova GF, Molchanova GS. 1989

Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) was used for the treatment of 64 patients suffering from parkinsonism of different etiology. HBO sessions were provided daily, 8-12 per course, the treatment pressure amounted to 1.3-2 atm exposure to 40-60 minutes. The beneficial effect was marked in 55 patients. The results of the treatment turned out better in vascular parkinsonism, in patients under 65 years, with a disease standing of 1-5 years. The akineticorigid syndrome regressed to a greater degree, whereas in trembling hyperkinesis, HBO turned out to be less potent.

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