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Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions all the time and we love them!  When you have a passion for making a difference in people's health and well-being like we do at Nirvana, no question is too small or too large.  We've compiled this list of most asked questions from our clients, but don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more info or details.  New technology always brings new questions and to that we say, "bring it on!"

Questions About HBOT


ANSWER:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an American Medical Association, Federal Drug Administration, and Medicare approved medical treatment.  The patient breathes 100% medical grade oxygen under increased pressure allowing oxygen to dissolve in the plasma at concentrations up to 20 times normal.  This enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.    The treatments are non-invasive, painless, safe and effective.

QUESTION:  How does HBOT work?


Promotes Wound healing:   By supplying increased oxygen to oxygen deprived tissue, new blood vessel growth is stimulated causing the wound to heal. HBOT also reduces swelling and inflammation thereby reducing pain.
Fights Infections and often cures those that do not respond to antibiotics alone:   HBOT enhances the body’s immune system enabling it to kill harmful bacteria and viruses both aerobic and anaerobic.  It also improves the effectiveness of certain antibiotics.
Increases Stem Cell Production:   HBOT has been shown to cause an 8 fold increase in the body’s own production of progenitor stem cells.  This is very helpful for tissue healing.
Increases Collagen Production:   This is very important for wound healing, tissue repair, and improving skin health

QUESTION: Why is the oxygen we breathe in normally not good enough?

ANSWER:  The oxygen that we breathe only attaches to the hemoglobin in our red blood cells, which are 97.5% saturated with oxygen.  The red blood cells are limited as to where they can flow in the body.  The HBOT, because of the pressurization, drives the oxygen into the blood via the respiratory system, where it then completely saturates the plasma, the cerebrospinal fluid, and the lymph fluid.  These fluids then take the oxygen to where it would never get to otherwise, thus starting a healing process where there would be NONE! 

QUESTION:  How do I prepare for treatment?

ANSWER:  After referral by your doctor and evaluation by a hyperbaric medicine specialist, we will review our hyperbaric check list prior to entering the chamber.  For example you will not be allowed to take anything battery powered or flammable into the chamber.  Also, hair oils and sprays, make-up, nylons, wigs, or hair pieces are not allowed.

QUESTION:  Should I eat prior to my treatment?

ANSWER:  HBOT speeds up the body’s metabolism so it is important to have eaten within two hours of your treatment. 

QUESTION:  What will I experience during my treatment?

ANSWER:  The treatment is painless and non-invasive.  You may feel a fullness in your ears during the 1st ten minutes of treatment, similar to what you might experience in an airplane.  You may watch a movie, listen to music, sleep, meditate, or just plain relax.  Our chambers are some of the largest and most comfortable on the market.  You will be monitored and in communication with the technician constantly.  This is your time to relax and unwind.

QUESTION:  How many treatments will I need and how long will each treatment last?

ANSWER:  The number of treatments required will depend on your specific diagnosis or condition.  Some conditions may require as few as two or three treatments and some may require 30 or more.  Most treatments are for a period of 90 to 120 minutes.

QUESTION: Is it a problem if I miss a treatment?

ANSWER:  Most treatment protocols for conditions covered by medical insurance are for five treatments per week.  However, the effects of HBOT are cumulative, so it is most cost and time effective for you to do a seven day a week protocol through the length of your treatment.  It is not a problem to miss an occasional treatment, but you need to be committed to your treatment program in order to achieve the best results.

QUESTION:  Will my insurance cover HBOT?

ANSWER:  Certain conditions are approved for treatment by most insurance companies and those are also listed under the treatable conditions tab on the Nirvana Medical Page. Some insurance companies require prior authorization.  Call to speak with our clinic director who can advise you on this process.  We suggest that you contact your insurance company to discuss the reimbursable amount of your treatment.  Our clinic director can also help. 

QUESTION:  What will I notice the most when I start feeling the effects from my Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions?

ANSWERBeyond the powerful healing capability that is most noticed by our chronically ill patients, our life-enhancement, healing and anti-aging clients most notice...

Sleep improves dramatically

Brain fog goes away

Ability to focus

Skin glows with good health

Aches and pains disappear

Inflammation disappears

Strength improves (We have done our own research with athletes on this and we have found that over 7 to 10 treatments and athlete will become 18% to 25% stronger than they were before the treatments and that is without any training during that period)

Energy level increases

Feelings of great well being because the oxygen stimulates the brain and gets a very quick reaction

QUESTION: If I do ten sessions in the chamber, how long would those good effects last?  When would I need to think about doing another session to maintain the good effects?

ANSWERTen sessions in the hyperbaric chamber for the average person may start a healing and rejuvenation process that does not stop when the 10 treatments end.  How long one continues to experience the healing and rejuvenation effects varies significantly with each individual and how hard a lifestyle they lead.  We suggest to the average person without any serious health issues that they do three or four sessions in a row in three to four months after the initial treatment period is over.  We also suggest to patients that in lieu of HBOT maintenance treatments that they get started on our exercise with oxygen therapy "EWOT" program which also provides powerful hyper-oxygenation.    If we are dealing with a person that has more serious  health issues, it will take more than 10 treatments to obtain the desired results.  In general, if a person is rundown and in need of rejuvenation, the effects typically blossom around treatment five to a seven.

QUESTION:  Are there any side effects from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

ANSWER: The treatment is painless and non-invasive. You may feel a little fullness in your ears during the first 10 minutes of treatment similar to what you might experience in an airplane during landing.  Our technicians will teach you how to equalize the pressure in your ears to avoid any discomfort.

QUESTION:  Is there any dizziness or weakness after a session or do I pop out of the chamber feeling good to go?

ANSWER: No, there is no dizziness or weakness associated with an HBOT treatment, however, HBOT is a cumulative therapy so people often do not notice a great change after one treatment.  It's typical for it to take four or five treatments before the benefits exponentially take off for the average person.  What we've found is that combining therapies can speed up the benefits.  Our standard combo is HBOT followed by a 30 minute sauna.  We can make that even better by adding a medical massage or one of our other therapies to the combo.

QUESTION:  A doctor needs to prescribe HBOT, what's the best way to get that done?

ANSWER: If you are being referred to Nirvana by your physician for hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a condition covered by medical insurance, your doctor will already have sent us a prescription.  If you have made the decision yourself to begin treatment at Nirvana, we have you meet with our staff medical doctor for a thorough evaluation to make sure that HBOT is right for you and then our doctor writes the prescription.

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